Not just answering the phone


If you manage facilities, you know that cost-effective and timely maintenance is critical to the effective workings of the organisation. It can also be complex and time-consuming, especially across multiple sites. Regardless of the facilities you manage, your stakeholders want a Help Desk that is both contactable and knowledgeable. Depending on the facilities you manage, your Help Desk may need to offer extra levels of compassion, understanding and accountability.


Better experience, better outcomes


Help Desk support can be a logistical nightmare. Along with answering the phone or responding to online requests, your Help Desk function is also directly or indirectly responsible for managing contracts, maintaining asset histories, creating rosters, following up on task completion, and meeting service level agreements and key performance indicators. It’s often the hub of your facilities management and it’s almost impossible to be highly effective with inefficient processes or outdated technology. The result is a lack of transparency in managing your assets, leading to greater risk, budget blowouts and unhappy stakeholders.


24/7 Availability


CBC’s Help Desk is available 24/7 and can receive service requests via telephone, email, text and work request systems. As a single point of contact, CBC’s Help Desk staff are able to triage calls according to your priority matrix.

Main helpline or dedicated hotline


CBC’s Help Desk is available as a main helpline or with dedicated hotlines. The highly skilled personnel then integrate into your team, with staff trained to respond to calls according to your process, including emergency and reactive situation protocols. Tailored scripts are developed to cover preventative and reactive scenarios.

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