Providing skilled trades and quality delivery


CBC Group began as a construction company before adding facilities management and asset management to their service offering. This ability to deliver construction projects in the form of major and minor capital works, provides a more holistic approach, giving greater value to our clients. 


Collaboration and integrated solutions


One factor in CBC’s success has been our unwavering approach to collaborating with clients. We integrate with our clients to deliver long-term partnerships to provide maximum value across your asset portfolio. We pride ourselves on our ability to tailor a solution that allows an asset to be planned, designed, delivered and commissioned.

Design and construction 


With more than 30 years’ experience of construction projects, CBC is well positioned to offer our expertise in the delivery of design and construction capital works. A single source of accountability, design and construction contracts allows:

  • Project budget and scheduling consistently and continually reviewed to effectively manage costs and time.
  • Decision making and communication becomes more efficient.
  • Better safety and quality standards with ‘best in class’ delivery

Turnkey project management


Defined as a single contract between the project owner and the contractor who complete all stages of the job, turnkey project management means CBC is responsible for the planning, management and execution of the project. Advantages of this contract method include:

  • Pricing certainty as the financial unknowns are removed at the beginning of the project through risk management of all stages.
  • Better alignment of the project as the client’s needs, design deliverables and construction methodology are established early.
  • Reduced cost overruns due to continuity from engineering to construction and early contractor involvement in the design.
  • Condensed project timelines as scheduling allows concurrent delivery.
  • Risk transference with CBC being responsible and accountable for the project’s schedule, cost and performance.

Want the best value from your assets, today and in the future?