Add value with minor and major works


When you’re looking to create a new asset or space, or you need to change the current function or layout of existing assets, developing a detailed capital works programme for both minor and major works is a worthy investment. By aligning your capital works with your organisations long-term goals, CBC can add value through the consultation, construction and management of new buildings, site infrastructure or renovations to existing building or structural assets.


Reduce risk, manage cost, improve performance 


Experienced across an array of sectors including mining, aged care, corporate and commercial and at all levels of government, CBC capital works program and management has a reputation for high quality project delivery. We use our advanced technologies, systems and processes to provide risk mitigation strategies, deliver cost and efficiency savings and improve the overall performance of the asset.


Strategic planning and consultation


Before committing to any capital works, you want to make sure the development aligns with the overall goals of your organisation and provides a value positive outcome at commencement, delivery, completion and commissioning. This can include:

  • Reviewing procurement and supply chain management
  • Project scopes and estimates
  • Project schedule and critical path deliverables
  • Planning permissions and stakeholder engagement
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Renovation and Refurbishment


If you’re looking to improve the current condition of your asset through structural changes, or change its appearance, you want to make sure you’re getting the best craftsmanship. With over 1000 skilled trades assessed and registered through their ‘best in class’ program, CBC have a reputation for delivering cost-effective, quality renovation and refurbishment works for large and small projects.

Asset renewal and rehabilitation


One of the primary reasons for asset renewal is to ensure the safety of customers, clients, workers and the community at large. You want to ensure your assets are compliant with codes, licenses, industry standards and obligations. If not, you may need to consider asset rehabilitation to restore it to a functional condition or extend its working life. When you have clarity on the cost of asset renewal and routine maintenance, you have a better understanding of ‘whole of life’ costs. This allows you to make informed decisions if refurbishment or replacement is the best course of action regarding operability, risk management and profitability.

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Want the best value from your assets, today and in the future?