Data-driven determinations


When it comes to managing your assets, you want to make strategic lifestyle decisions that drive efficiency, increase value and minimise risk. By taking a proactive and preventative approach to inspections, testing and maintenance, you gain the necessary data to accurately inform this process.

Accredited with ISO:55001, CBC provides:

  • Asset assessment and reporting
  • Asset planning and strategy
  • Asset registers
  • Asset data management
  • Asset compliance
  • Asset lifecycle planning
  • Asset upgrades and replacements


Focus on your core business activities


If you find your asset management program non-compliant, or you’re in a period of growth/acquisition/consolidation, you’ll want to engage CBC to help assess, register and manage your assets. This strategic partnership, supported with tailored solutions, allows you to save time and release valuable resources to concentrate on your core business. Working with CBC’s team of asset management professionals, you’ll determine ways to optimise operations, reduce costs and mitigate risks to deliver long-term success.


Access to knowledge and expertise


Working with CBC gives you access to highly experienced asset management professionals. Their skills and expertise will help you to optimise your asset portfolio, ensure compliance with industry regulation and identify potential areas of risk. Our team have operational knowledge to know when simple solutions offer maximum results, or when innovation is required to deliver the best outcomes. All of this backed by up-to-date, real-time data analytics to support the decision-making process.


Work with cutting-edge technology


One of the keys to our success is our use of digital technology, image recognition, machine learning and natural language processing to gather, assess and analyse the data we collect. While we keep up to date with the latest developments in technology, we also engage specialists that assist in the collection and analysis of large amounts of data quickly. Combining our knowledge with their expertise allows the asset management team to target the right data from multiple data sources, producing data sets with greater accuracy.


Investing for cost-savings


It makes financial sense to invest in a strategic and effective facilities asset management plan for the future. As organisations are faced with ensuring sustainability targets for 2050 are implemented, the ability to forecast lifetime costs, future proof assets and improve lifecycle management become a long-term value for money proposition that will enhance and optimise business objectives. 

Want the best value from your assets, today and in the future?