Revitalising regional accommodation village facilities for Anglo American

CBC was engaged by Anglo American to redevelop the employee recreation and accommodation facilities at its Middle Mount accommodation village, two hours north-west of Emerald.

The project included the construction of a multi-purpose centre featuring a large open sports area that can be used for a variety of activities, with a kitchenette, storeroom, and bathroom facilities. CBC worked with Anglo American on the complete development of this facility from the ground up.

Explaining the scope of the project, CBC Project Manager Lewis McPhail said, “We’ve seamlessly organised a large number of different trades throughout the course of this build including concreting, steel construction, cladding installation, plumbing, electrical and general fit-out, all co-ordinated and scheduled to ensure an efficient and timely project delivery with the complete project finalised in five months”.

The centre also featured a pre-existing tennis court which CBC resurfaced and installed a new perimeter fence.

The revitalised multipurpose centre is already being well used, with many Anglo American employees participating in regular basketball and soccer tournaments since the opening of the centre.

This regional project highlights the national reach of CBC’s own highly experienced staff and showcases the company’s ability to mobilise and efficiently manage its network of best-in-class trades contractors to deliver projects – no matter where they are located.