30 years in the making


Originally starting as Coastline Bricklaying back in the 1980s, owner Ermond (Erm) Morelli qualified as a licenced builder and added construction to the name to become CBC in January 1993.

With a lifelong love of architecture and buildings, Erm set about becoming a master craftsman in the Illawarra region. He spent countless hours observing, practising, refining and delivering projects to high standards, including residential, commercial, retail and industrial building works. With the premise ‘your word is your contract’, opportunities soon arose to work on complex projects including heritage listed buildings and critical infrastructure in both the public and private sectors.


CBC expands to deliver a better service


CBC evolved, like many other businesses, from observing a gap in the market. While delivering ongoing construction and project management services, it became clear there was a need to help manage and maintain these services following completion, especially in regional areas. CBC began delivering facilities maintenance as a service in 2006.

With the continued focus on exceptional customer service, the business expanded both its geographical reach and service offering to include asset management and capital works programmes.

Want the best value from your assets, today and in the future?